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November Review Winner

Exante Meal Replacement Indian Daal Pot Meal

"Gorgeous real food! This is amazing, amazing, AMAZING!! It's so flavoursome, filling and I love having something that feels like a nice, hot meal. Best meal yet!" - Bev Roesen

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October Review Winner

Exante Meal Replacement Toffee, Nut and Raisin Bar

"Scrumpy! Love these bars, so tasty and filling. Really love that they taste so naughty but you lose weight! My perfect diet!". - Judith Mummery

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September Review Winner

Meal Replacement Creamy Coconut Shake

"Dreamy! This is by far my most favourite flavour. Can't believe how thick and creamy it is mixed with only water! Think bounty in a glass and you won't be far wrong." - Samantha Chapman

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August Review Winner

Exante Water Enhancers

"Great addition! Struggling sometimes on black coffee, Coke Zero and water ! These are a welcome change. Definitely one to purchase this if you plan to succeed ! I've lost a stone in a month and these really helped me with my water intake which is a must for consistent results. - Samantha Haywood

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July Review Winner

Meal Replacement Pina Colada Mocktail

"I bought this just to test and see if it looked as good as it tasted! Wow! I needed a boost on my weight loss marathon. I had this shake on ice with a pinch of Cinnamon! It was an amazing experience to my taste buds. This tasted different from other Exante shakes! I could taste the sweet Coconut and the hint of Mango/ Pineapple! No after taste! I loved it! This girl is back on track! I am ordering a box!" - Justice Hasasseh

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June Review Winner

Meal Replacement Peanut Butter Bar

"Was recommended by a friend to try this bar, as I love peanut butter, and it did not disappoint! Lovely and moorish! Doesn't taste like a "diet" or "meal replacement bar" at all - feels proper naughty, even though I know I'm total on plan having it!!! One of my all time faves!" - Lois Hadley

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May Review Winner

Meal Replacement Strawberry Delight

"I'm on a VLCD and I just ate angel delight for breakfast. I'm in awe. I would give this more than 5* if I could. Super thick and creamy texture - VERY FILLING. I don't usually have breakfast and I was full to the brim after half a bowl but I forced the rest down anyway to keep me going until lunchtime." - Andrea Harding

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April Review Winner

Meal Replacement Banana Shake

"This shake is one of my favourites by far, I adore anything banana flavoured so this was a massive hit. The flavour is rich and creamy and very filling, I could drink it every day and not get bored. This and the coconut are by far the winner for me. Its tasty yet not too sweet." - Katie Parker.

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